We are the adherents of total freedom till it does not offend someone or till it does not break any laws. That is why we made a list of inappropriate content we can’t allow at Every content that can be described as the one from the list below will be deleted and continuous violators will be banned permanently from

  1. All actors should be and look as18 years old or older. If there is an intercourse with dolls – those should also look not younger than 18 years old.

  2. No real or fake weapons could be used in any content.

  3. No limitations of someone’s breathing is allowed.

  4. The vomit or its depiction is fully forbidden.

  5. You can’t have or simulate sex with dead people or with anything that simulates them.

  6. Videos and photos with biting that breaks skin is forbidden.

  7. No mind control in any way will go through moderation.

  8. No feces or their simulations could be presented in any content.

  9. No blood allowed to be depicted or any kinds of its substitutes.

  10. No forced coercion is allowed.

  11. Depiction of cannibalism or simulation of cannibalism will be banned.

  12. You can’t depict the scenes of killing and disabling.

  13. No material with people being intoxicated is allowed at We do not accept videos or photos with personalities being or under influence.

  14. No kinds of drugs could be portrayed in any content.

  15. Racist content will be banned.

  16. No excessive fisting of any kind is allowed.

  17. There’s should be no animals presented in any way in any kinds of content.

  18. No sex with someone who is sleeping or pretending it is allowed.

  19. You can’t upload any material, that depicts use of any chemical to lead someone to unconscious.

If any video or photo will depict cases of real violence in any way (excluding cases of fetish, which will be reviewed separately) they will be removed instantly.

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