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Meet our star feature - Challenges.

Here you can post a task, set the amount of reward for the winner, whom you’ll choose among the authors of video approves to your task.

Make sure to give your event a due date. We recommend you to set it between 1 and 2 weeks, so you’ll be able to get more video approves to choose from and won’t wait too much time to see them.

We also recommend to put an adequate price to you task in order to get more performers interested and you - satisfied.

Roolon’s made the hottest stuff personalized - enjoy it!


Some performers start such type of event as Fundraising.

It means that they would do smth that they had described and film it if specified amount of credits will be donated till due date.

Each Funraising event has the minimum donation but you can donate more to bring the video release of this performer closer + you’ll get the download link to this video.

Choose among descriptions and performers of such events the ones you like, support them and get some hot amature clips in return!

Video/Video VR

Here we present you amature videos of our users. They offer original clips for free or for a fairest price.

Videos are great to get known of the performers and as the link to their other works.

Choose among unique content, find your favorite artists, follow ’em, enjoy Roolon’s!

Besides regular 2 dimensional videos, our platform supports virtual reality videos, which could be uploaded and viewed via all most popular headsets.


To start earning at you have to create an account first. You can do it by using your existing email address.

Then you have to fill all the required fields at your Profile page. Don’t hesitate to upload some hot pics of you and put a price on them. is great to earn money using next several ways:

1. Create such event type as Video and put a price on it.

2. Find active Challenges and take a part.

3. Create Fundraising and get donations to get the amount you need to film smth special for your donators.

Don’t forget to upload some free content to get viewers interested.

Cash out your money via Paxum, Bitcoin, Yandex.Money or Wire transfer.

Spend them.

Roolon's support
Roolon's support

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