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Fundraisings or contribution to amateur porn is an outstanding feature that allows donating to some model’s crowdfunding for new porn clip to be uploaded. When the goal is reached - the model uploads and gives access to a new adult rated x movies or a single clip. Everyone who has supported this adult crowdfunding gets the access to the clip. Fundraisings could become a full-fledged substitute or a fresh renewal for such category of videos as adult movies for sale. By making a minimal donation (normally 3-5 credits) you support a model you like and get the clip you will enjoy after the goal is reached. Read the descriptions of such contribution amateur porn projects and just pick those you like more. After fundraisings become completed, the promised clips can still be bought as the adult videos for sale with special prices. So, adult crowdfunding for porn gives a birth to only those adult rated x movies which were supported by the demanding audience. This is what makes all our adult movies for sale, that you can get access afterward, unique. Let us know what you think about this feature or any other feature at Roolons, to make Roolons a better place!

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